My life hacks

22:33 Jemma Taylor-Smith 0 Comments

Like most busy mums, I'm keen to make our life and everyday routine as smooth and chaos-free as possible.

I was recently contacted by who are running a campaign to find the best life hacks. They wanted to know my top life hacks, which got me thinking about they key things I do to make life a little easier.

I thought I'd also share with you:

Making healthy smoothies with the kids in the morning, which means they are having spinach for breakfast without even realising!

My 14kg washing machine - a life saver!

Painting my nails in the evening while the kids are in bed so that I avoid smudges.

Getting everyone's clothes ready the night before to avoid morning chaos!

I love this fab picture, which First Utility kindly created as a thanks for sharing my hacks.

I'd love to know what your key life hacks are...

J x