The first few weeks

18:20 Jemma Taylor-Smith 0 Comments

The twins are now 4 weeks old and so far so good!

The time is going so fast. Trying to capture it all is hard as I am so busy feeding, sterilising and washing! My mum has been fab, coming round everyday to help with cores and feeding.

Trying to feed the babies together and it normally works, although a couple of times this week it hasn't worked that way at night!! It's hard to know what to do, do you wake the sleeping twin or leave them to sleep to encourage good sleeping habits?!? I've tried both and leaving the sleeping twin works better for us and resulted in Henry only having one night feed the other night, so he's heading in the right direction :-)

The night feeds are hard so I've been going to bed at 8.30pm and Simon has been doing the 10pm feed. This has been working well. Hoping the night feeds get less as they get older and bigger.

We're off to Center Parcs next week, but when we return i'm planning to get stricter with a nap routine in the day. We already have a feeding routine of every 3 hrs starting around 7am.

I've attached a pic of the twins which was taken this week.