Mother's Day treats - find the perfect gift

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I've seen quite a few Mother's Day gift guides, so I thought I'd put my own together. I've tried to include something for everyone, but have to admit that I have been slightly selfish, with my plan being to direct hubby to it throughout the year for gift inspiration. It makes life easy for him and I (hopefully) get some of the things that I'm lusting after - it's a win, win!

I have the original bracelet, along with the leather one, but I really like this one too! I think it's a bracelet that you can wear with anything.

2. Liz Earle Superskin Heros Collection - £34.50
I love all the Liz Earle stuff. It's great for all skin types and the packaging is lovely. This set contains everything you need for a spot of pampering.

I've heard lots about the Naked collection eye shadow palettes and they are apparently a 'must have'. I think this one would suit most skin types.

My favourite chocolate. As well as the taste, I love the package too. It feels like such a treat. This one contains a selection of the bars, so there is something to please everyone.

I've dropped numerous hints about getting one of theses massive cakes, but I'm still yet to receive one, so thought I'd add it to the list. I adore cake (who doesn't?!) and these look absolutely amazing. I'm pretty sure most mums out there would love to receive one of these.

Perfect for those who like to make lists (that'll be me then!). I adore beautiful stationery and this is lovely. I really like the words on the cover and it's a bargain at £2.45 

I know some people think flowers are unimaginative, but can you really go wrong with this gorgeous bunch?!
8. Accessorize Z necklace - £15

Oscar is now at the age where he likes to choose me a gift. He particularly likes to buy me "jewels" (he's going to make a great husband). This lovely necklace is perfect for summer.
I hope you manage to find something either for your own mum or maybe as a treat for yourself.
If you are a mummy I hope you get something lovely this Mother's Day or at the very least a nice long lie in!!
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  1. Yes please to all of these!! Sending it to Hubby right now!! :) Lovely post and some great inspirations here xx Jess xx

  2. Thanks Jess! I love nice things. Can't seem to get the layout of this post right though - grrr! xx