Six months on

08:19 Jemma Taylor-Smith 0 Comments

It's been a while, six months to be exact!

Life's obviously pretty hectic, with working, 3 kids and attempting to keep fit by running twice a week! Plus, if life isn't hectic enough, we decided to have a huge extension on our house, which started in Jan!! I think we are crazy!

Work is going well - 28 hours seems to provide the perfect balance, not always but most of the time! The first week hard was hard, I really missed my babies, to the point where one day I almost cried at my desk! It got easier after a couple of weeks though.

The twins had their first Christmas, first trip to Florida and turned 1 in Feb. I did say it had been hectic! 

Heidi started walking at about 13 months. She's now really good and already has a passion for shoes - hopefully she'll make a great shopping partner in the future :) 

Henry is being lazy and at 15 months, doesn't seem particularly bothered about taking his first steps! He hates wearing shoes, similar to how I was as a child -bless him!

Oscar starts school in Sept, we're delighted that he got a place at the school we wanted. I'm hoping school will calm him down a little. He's like a puppy at the minute, so much energy and a little too rough with his brother and sister.

As for me, I'm planning on running a half marathon in Sept in support of our friends' charity, Forever Stars. I've been trying to up my distance. People often ask how I find the time, but I make the time for running - it keeps me sane!!