New Years resolutions

20:45 Jemma Taylor-Smith 2 Comments

I tend to keep my New Year resolutions realistic, to ensure I actually have a chance of achieving them. This year will be no exception.

I thought I'd share them here, in the hope that writing them down and being able to refer back, will mean I don't forget them when life gets in the way.

So, here goes:

1. To run 500 miles by 31 Dec 2015.

2. To achieve a sub 1hr 10k personal best.

3. To be more focused at work - last year our extension was a huge distraction and now it's done, I want to be more focused.

4. To spend less time stressing about silly things like house work and having a tidy playroom, and more time having fun with my lovely kids who are growing so fast.

Wish me luck!

J x


  1. Most of my resolutions are running related too! X

    1. The good thing about running related resolutions Amy, is that you can easily measure if you've achieved them! Good luck with your resolutions. Jemma x