Spring is in the air...

16:06 Jemma Taylor-Smith 0 Comments

Spring is in the air. The nights are slowly getting lighter, the weather is getting warmer and I can hear birds. I hate winter, but in contrast absolutely love spring (and summer), here are the reasons why:

The warmer weather
Getting Oscar, a typically lazy five-year old, and two-year old twins ready to leave the house in winter can only be described as a military operation. By the time I've managed to locate everybody's hat, scarf and gloves, along with making sure fingers are in the right holes and coats are fully zipped, I'm ready for a lie down! Warmer weather also means new clothes for us, often in gorgeous pastel colours that make you smile and feel chirpy. Plus sunshine makes us all happy!

The lighter nights (and mornings)
The days seem longer, which as I'm sure most mums would agree can only be a good thing.

Outdoor trips
Trying to amuse three children in the house all day is pretty much mission impossible. You think you've cracked it when everyone is quiet for a few minutes, only to find that the reason they're actually so quiet is because they are creating their latest piece of artwork... on your newly painted wall - arrrgh!! Spring means (free) trips to the park, where we can all run around and play games together, or trips to the farm to stroke the baby lambs (aww).  The kids love it and happy kids make for happy parents!

Ice cream
Days out mean lots of soft whippy ice cream eating. My uplifted mood means I don't even mind the kids getting it all over their nice new clothes.

For us Easter means time off work (and a holiday this year - yippee!), and chocolate. Lots of scrummy, gorgeous chocolate. After being good to shed the Christmas excess, Easter is a welcome respite. After all isn't it obligatory to gorge on silly amounts of chocolate..?! Whatever the answer is, I don't care I'm doing it anyway!

Race season
I'm a keen runner and the race season begins around March time. Races help me stay motivated to keep running and the kids love to come and watch. They think it's great when I get a medal. The lighter nights also make it so much easier to get out of the door to go for a run and the warmer weather is much kinder on my skin than the harsh winter wind. It's a win all round!

So there you have it, the reasons why Spring is just so ace. Although, it should also be said that I think the best thing is that when it's all over you're left with summer! Now, don't even get me started on that..!