Weekly weigh in - week 6

16:31 Jemma Taylor-Smith 2 Comments

I'm delighted to report that I've lost 2lbs, even with a slight blip on Wednesday lunch time when I had a buffet lunch and cake at work!

This weekend I have indulged a little on chocolate. With us going away on Friday, I've been letting the kids eat any eggs they are given. Unlike me they don't seem able to be able to polish off an egg in one sitting, so it's generally left lying around, meaning I pick at it!

In an attempt to balance out my chocolate eating I have done lots of exercise over the weekend. I ran on both Saturday and Sunday and I went spinning last night.

Trying really hard to be good now to try and shift that last lb before Friday!

J x


  1. Well done. I've got weigh in tomorrow and I'm hoping to get my half stone award. We're also on hols next week so no doubt it will all go back on! xx

  2. I suspect mine will all go back on next week - I can easily put 7lbs on during a holiday! Well done on your loss so far x